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DELTA DeltaJet 1000 Water JetDeltaJet Waterjet

DeltaJet Rubber Cutter Specifications


The DELTA DeltaJet water jet cutting system is our newest machine for cutting die ejection rubber. Designed for high volume diemaking operations, the DELTA Rubber can cut open or closed cell rubber, foam, vulcanized rubber, cork, flexible magnet, and gasket materials.

The DELTA DeltaJet optimizes dieboards by facilitating perfect rubbering. This achieves a noticeable increase in productivity during diecutting. In a test of conventional vs machine cut rubber ejection material, Monroe Rubber & Plastic, Inc. noted a 62.5% increase in press speed with machine cut ejection materials.

With a fully plug and play design, simple touch screen interface, and a compact footprint the DELTA DeltaJet is an investment worth making.


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