DELTA SML 1316 Sample MakerSML-1316-samplemaker

Delta SML Samplemaker Specifications


The SML 1316 is the beginning of a new generation of flatbed plotter. This machine is designed for continuous production. It will quickly and reliably cut a wide range of materials.

Engineered with automatic processing capability, the SML can be complemented with a conveyor and a loading/unloading station. The SML is the ideal tool for cutting gaskets, rubber, POP, folding & corrugated cardboard.

With clear-cut design, a work surface easily accessible from all sides, and an extremely robust traverse bridge, this plotter is hard to match. The sturdy non-slip drive, highly efficient matrix-vacuum and easy user guidance are additional characteristics resulting in consistently precise and high-quality work.

folding cardboard
bevel cut
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