AdamsTech Team Grows with Return of John Wiley

John WileyJune 2016 – Boulder, CO – AdamsTech announced today the return of John Wiley, an all-star salesman. As they continue to expand their reach in the diemaking industry and with two new machines scheduled to hit the market this year, AdamsTech is excited to welcome him back.

According to Mike Adams, owner and CEO of AdamsTech, “John is a personal friend who was with us in the beginning when we first introduced the EasyBender. Because of his years of experience and vast working knowledge in the diemaking industry, we were very excited when John first came on board. During the time he worked for us, he identified hundreds of customers, understood their needs and provided solutions that are still in operation today. We are very proud to welcome him back as we prepare to introduce new machines to our customers.”

Mr. Wiley, who has a rich background in service, sales, and solutions, got his start in diemaking in the late ’90s. Originally a die salesman, John joined AdamsTech with a wealth of insight and relatability to the diemaking world, making him an ideal fit for the team. His ability to naturally connect with customers and understand their operational needs, quickly won him the title of top salesman at AdamsTech. To this day, John has the reputation of going the extra mile for customers. According to Ellen Adams, Vice President at AdamsTech, “I will never forget when John loaded up a machine and personally drove it to a customer site for a demonstration. He not only delivered the machine, he also pitched in and helped bend rule for the customer who was behind on deadlines and desperate to get back on track. This is a great example of the incredible capability of our machines, and more importantly the deep commitment of John to our customers.”

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