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Linear 1730

The new Linear 1730 laser cutting system represents our most advanced technology for working flat elements. Its work area of 1700 x 3000 mm facilitates large format die-boards and linear motors control the movements of both X and Y axes allowing rapid displacement with very high resolution, or accuracy.

The Linear 1730 model can be equipped with various laser sources, and power ranges from 1000W to 3000W (Slab Rofin Sinar). By increasing the laser source power, the cutting speed will also increase (continuous and/or pulse cutting) resulting in higher production capacity.

The Linear 1730 model is equipped with:

  • A cutting head that works axially
  • A foot-plate that ensures the right focus of the cutting head for the material being worked, by compensating for any material thickness differences
  • A next-generation CNC Smart Manager Numeric Control allows, through Post Processing, a connection with all existing CADs on the market capable of generating DXF files and/or other vector file formats

This model can also be customized with options necessary for enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Galvanometer unit: used to create marks on the die-board surface for logos, codes, etc.
  • Capacitive head: enhances pressure for cutting metals. Cuts both plywood and metal without a need to change the head; it’s also equipped with an electronic sensor which can detect thickness differences or deformation of the metal plate, thus avoiding contact with the metal material being cut.

Remote technical support is included through your internet connection.

Combine the Linear 1730 flat machine with the OFRL Compact Rotary machine, using the same resonator, to create a Penta Combo Flat & Rotary dieboard laser system.



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